SIRTEF srl is a company established in 1976. Even if it is almost 40 years old it still remains a very dynamic and young company that distinguishes itself for the competence and professionalism of its people in the international market.

It is a company specialized in the steel wire rope industry and more in general in the lifting accessories and fittings business with a specific view on the oil & gas industry both onshore and offshore. Since years SIRTEF exports with success its own products with a steady growth either in Africa or in Asia.

Nowadays SIRTEF is positioned on top of the ranking of the most important players in the market both for the quality of its own production and for the high reliability of the products distributed that for the high quality level of its company’s organization in which a particular role is played by the technical department made by very competent and skilled professionals that can count on a modern testing laboratory approved by the main International Registers.

The constant research and development of new products is part on the company’s attitude towards the business since ever ; this innovative mind orientation linked to the managerial far-sightedness are all elements that, today as in the past, guarantee an undisputable quality competitiveness in the international market.